A hacker is someone who likes to tinker with electronics or computer
systems. Hackers like to explore and learn how computer systems work, finding
ways to make them do what they do better, or do things they weren’t intended to
do. There are two types of hackers:

White Hat – These are considered the good guys. White hat hackers don’t use
their skills for illegal purposes. They usually become Computer Security experts
and help protect people from the Black Hats.

Black Hat – These are considered the bad guys. Black hat hackers usually use their
skills maliciously for personal gain. They are the people that hack banks, steal
credit cards, and deface websites.
These two terms came from the old western movies where the good guys wore
white hats and the bad guys wore black hats.

Now if you’re thinking, “Oh boy! Being a black hat sounds awesome!”, Then I have
a question for you. Does it sound cool to live in a cell the size of your bathroom
and be someone’s butt buddy for many years? That’s what I thought.