The importance of SEO search engine optimization is important

Search Engine Optimization consists of a few basic topics. Some of the basic things that are of great importance. Today I will tell you how important it is to SEO. There are many disagreements between different webmasters in different countries. Some people need some back links, and others say that keywords are things. They have the most proven and acceptable views in thousands of opinions. They find out that search engine optimization is divided into 100% Anything higher in the engine algorithm is important. Let us see the following picture.

The above picture shows that they have given importance to 7 things in search engine optimization.
1.Demon name or domain related information
2. Link populari or site backlink.
3. The link text of the link link.
4. Use Keyword on the site.
5.Registration and hosting data.
6.Web site site traffic or traffic volume.
7. Popularity on the social web site. (I am not clear about this matter. Please tell if you understand it)
Let's summarize all this below
1.Demon name or domain related information. 23.87%
See it here ...

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