How far is the search engine optimization - Google Adsense

The Google Adsense keyword is set, based on the Google Adsense keyword, you must write a text with a link enabled by Jinnat ul Hassan's blog; But what is the matter? Only Google Adsense will have to express their own philosophical specimen? No, those who have been reading regulars of Jinnat ul Hassan's blog for a long time, who have learned many things, read a book based on these Google Adsense keywords.
You need to write a review in Bengali with the active link of my blog. The reviews will discuss the characteristics of this blog, good aspects, bad aspects, what to look like, Google Adsense, internet income, blogging etc. The original keyword of the review will be Google Adsense. Then you can publish the review on any personal or community blog. Then do the optimization of that post. You can also write multiple posts in the interest of optimization.
I have read this post very late, that is, today when the contest last day, that afternoon. I do not have the time to use Google Adsense as a keyword using search engines ...

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